Weekly Reflection

This week in my weblogs and wikis class we worked on setting up our own wiki page, linking to us, and making it a space to make our assignments and contributions to the wiki noticeable. At the beginning of this week I was a little uneasy about the assignment and what was to be expected of me but as I started the assignment, dipping my toes in and continuing to jump right in, creating and editing different wiki pages. I can kinda say I enjoyed this week a bit. This week I was able to create 4 new wiki pages: CollaborativeWriting, CollectiveWriting, CreatingSharedKnowledge, and IntellectualProperty along with contributing to 2 already existing wiki pages: WikisAndTraditionalComposing and IncorporatingTheIdeasOfOthers. As I created and added to these wiki pages I worked to incorporate some of these wikis within others, working to build each page on a credited base. Researching these topics showed me that there is a whole other world of writing out there today, online through wikis. I can easily see why and how wikis are used to teach all educational levels of today through a group led, hands on learning experience. This was a great way to teach what wikis are actually all about, pages built on an author’s work that allows contributors to come through and edit, and build on the ideas already on the page. I came to the conclusion that I am not the type to use my own voice within these pages but rather define and set up a nice structure to the page, leaving the voice of tangents to other contributors. All together I am liking the wikis part of our class.


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