Notes on Wikis

For class we were to watch the videos Wikis by Common Craft. Through this video for beginners, I was able to realize wikis can be used to coordinate a group of peoples information. Wikis are made so anyone can change the webpage by just a simple click of a button, so beware anyone can change or alter anything on wikis. Editing is simply done by clicking one of the two buttons used to create a wiki. By clicking the edit button this creates a webpage ready for editing like adding, deleting, or changing how words are placed on the page. By clicking save the work you have done within the page will be saved and the wiki will be updated. For more information on Wiki’s visit the Wiki page made by wikipedia.

-Wikis are NOT blogs

-No author or owner for a wiki

Thread Mode = discussion   Document Mode = exposition

-In a sense wiki’s are always being revised.

Steps to creating/editing wikis, wikipedia the world’s biggest collaborative encycolpedia:

1. Edit

2. Write

3. Link

4. Save

Notes is a very useful page for an individual looking to be informed on wikis, and the networking side of them, and who the authors of them are. What I found to be most helpful from the analysis of this page was finding the formatting rules for wikis.

-Part of the collective wiki (Wiki Wiki Web)

Author has his page linked to this collaboration

-The amount of links within the text is overwhelming and makes the reading hard to read. (The links do however create an was way to navigate around the page, learning the basics of wikis.)

-Navigation around the page is mad easy by the use of the FindPage link.

-Writing is done in third person. (document mode)

-Document mode teaches knowledge isn’t static but is collective and changes.

-Edits to this page seem to be dificult.

MeatballWiki is a little more appealing to the eye with less links and better organization through the use of headings.

-States their Mission for the page and its purpose right off the bat.

-This is used to help others but get their help in return.

-Editing options are wider than with the addition of a discussion area to this page.

-Thread Mode Wiki (conversation is held thorough community members of the page)

Through analyzing and meatballwiki, I can see how both sites can and will be useful for information seekers int he wiki area. really is the best option for those looking to collaborate work with multiple people but not on a discussion level whereas meatballwiki can be used to collaborate material but on a conversational basis. Both websites could use a little bit better organization like the use of headings, asterisk, lists, and bars. Both sites can be edited and updated, show recent changes/updates, but only members are able to contribute to these cites.

After receiving the background information wikis, I now finally understand why teachers continue to tell us to be cautious on what information we use form wikipedia cites. Like I previously stated, ANYONE, can edit/revise a wikipedia cite, making information factional or fictional, until someone else comes along and decides to contribute the the collaboration that wiki’s have created.


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  1. justinescheller · February 23, 2015

    I like the way you structured your notes, they are easy to follow and make since to everyone!


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