How to get motivated!


One of the most influential people of my times is the ultimate example of what motivation it. Michael Jordan’s journey shows struggle but in the end shows triumph. He persevered through the rough times to celebrate the progress and success he achieved throughout his career of hard work and determination.  Looking at Michael Jordan’s journey can be a very motivational piece for those of us that need a little inspiration on those rough days.

tumblr_nj89af33dR1qeu3xuo1_5001. Choose your friends wisely

– research shows that over time one develops health habits and even career aspirations of those around you

-surrounding yourself with people with high goals will give you the same sense of seriousness

balance your influences


2. Make a to-do list

-be realistic

-lists can be very helpful if you use them as a tool (not as a way to get yourself down about everything you have to do)

-use them as an attack plan

-knowing what to do and when can lessen the anxious feeling of the list of things to be done

get organized 

3. Work less sleep more

insufficient sleep takes a substantial toll on performance

-sleeping to little (less than 6 hours) creates task burnoutc66476364bcf213255f1f79f5bf074f4

-once a week receive 9-10 hours of sleep a night

-rest of the week receive 7-8 hours of sleep a night

4. Take naps

-naps focus your attention better than a cup of coffee

-20 minute naps rejuvenate the body (like charging a phone)

naps promote productivity, relaxation, and smarts

ec79150228438ad922b36482900700fa5. Make progress and celebrate

-rewarding yourself works

-use rewards to motivate yourself

little progress is better than no progress


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