Week 5 Reflection

This week I have realized that I am more productive in the morning and really late at night, being most creative and thoughtful. As you will see most of my Personal Work was done early to mid morning, which honestly really helped me be positive and have me a little motivational intuition for the morning, and most of my Course Work was done late evening to late night. This I can say is the best way for me personally to constructively and timely keep up with my blog on the personal side to keeping up with the class work/assignment side that I use this blog for.

This week in Rettberg’s Chapter 5 of Blogging we learned about blogs being used as narratives. Blogs being used as narratives can have all different kinds of uses and directions that the author would like the blog to go in. This chapter states that ‘the best blogs tell stories’ and that is what we all researched this week in finding a blog of our choice that could be considered a narrative blog. After looking through numerous blogs I came across  A Law Student’s Journey, and as soon as I ready About the Author Kitty, I knew this blog would be very suitable for me and my current place in my journey of beginning the process to apply to law school coming up this fall. This blog was started in August of 2010 when Kitty first entered law school on her first day and experiencing the first day jitters of the unknown. Throughout her her 3 years in law school Kitty tracks her day to day interaction with law school and tips and ways she managed to survive the dreadfully long and most difficult years of following her dream/ goal of becoming a lawyer, switching her mind from first wanting to be a courtroom rat to actually working as an attorney with a small firm and managing her first cases in her first year of being graduated from law school. As I previously stated, Kitty had a ultimate goal in mind when first starting this blog, to attain a degree in law and also be able to help out other aspiring law students throughout her process. This helped me narrow this narrative blog down to being a goal-orientated blog. A goal-orientated blog is a blog that starts out with a goal in mind to attain, using the blog as a way to track their journey up to that point, sometimes the blog ends, but sometimes the blog will continue, maybe shifting its purpose for the blog as Kitty’s did once she graduated for school in 2013. After graduation, without self realization by the other in my opinion, her blog took a little turn onto a different route, becoming a bit of a self-exploration blog, a blog used to mirror and study ourselves , shaping features so our reflection pleases us, which ultimately creates the blogs direction and rhyme or reason. At this point in her blog she takes a different route from just working in the courtroom to becoming an attorney within a firm doing things on her own almost from the start after she interned with them and then graduated from school. She was also married in this time and began another blog called Kitty & Kevin, which tracks their life together as a couple. This is where she does most of her posting out of the two blogs she manages now, kind of pulling away from her blog, A Law Student’s Journey, now only periodically posting here and ultimately just answering questions of aspiring law students come to her with. Throughout the exploration of this blog I found it to be very useful for and noticed she has many other readers and viewers, so I would say she successfully ran and is still running a successful blog just at a little bit different of a pace that she first started with, due to the change in her life and new journey of being an attorney. This blog was very personal but very informational for the reader, and inspiring many future law students.

This week I would say I was much more successful in the class as a whole, being able to work with my blog on a personal level and a course work level. Feeling much better this week mentally and physically I was able to keep up with the class. Take your Vitamin C people its that time of season to get sick! As the assignment for #en3177 was a little more this week than last I found this week to be very interesting and information on both the levels of the class but also personal for me. Being able to read everyone else in the class’s posts, and seeing the direction they were taking their posts showed just how unique all of us are in how we create and keep up with our blogs and assignments. Well done class, keep up all the goo, hard work! I really liked Andrea’s assignment posts this week in how she played them out, and how they successfully flowed well together, awesome! Assignments like these make me feel like I’m getting much much more out of the class than just the coursework. Overall, this week was enjoyable, and productive.

Personal Work

How to get the most energy out of your day!

Being spiritual has nothing to do with what you believe and everything to do with your state of consciousness.

A little yoga for the morning!

Happy Valentine’s Day (my first blog post using my phone and successfully being able to link pictures into them!) ❤

Course Work

Understanding Goal-Orientated Narratives

Blogs As Narratives

Blogs As Narratives Part 2

Blogs As Narratives Part 3

and after this is posted… Week 5 Reflection


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