Happy Valentine’s Day

079720fea7bd48b84331d7c894cc4375This isn’t going to be your average, Happy Valentine’s Day post, as you may see from the picture posted to your left. We have all gone through heart break and or lost al over one due to a tragedy where we as individuals think there is no way we will ever be able to love again. One thing my momma always told me, “We must learn to love ourself before we can ever love another.” And now as I have gotten away from the stage of ‘mom you’re stupid’ ‘you don’t know anything’ ‘I hate you’ I have learned that this statement is very true. Learning to love yourself may not come as easy we would like it to but taking each day in stride and treating this like a process of learning, we can all overcome the hard times we all go through. A lot of what we as individuals think of ourselves and present ourselves is projected to society, for them to make their decision. Learning to take pride in who you are as a person and loving your journey is the only way we can make it through life without regret. Learning to love yourself first can create a healthy lifestyle in many ways from mental to physical health. Creating the proper mindset of yourself will set oneself up for success or failure. Love yourself people! We are all mad unique, different, because if we were all the same we would live in a very boring world. And as my grandma would always say, “Theres there fish in the sea.” Getting caught up on a single person and ultimately getting past that will teach you many life lesson and hopefully to love yourself that it has for me. Creating a healthy image of yourself leads to finding another healthy individual to share your journey with. All you need it love.


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