Blogs as Narratives Part 3

As the start of Chapter 5 says in Rettberg’s Blogging, “the best blogs tell a story.” Blogs are used as a very personal way to share “episodes” or experiences in their lives. This is one thing that as I have gone through A Law Student’s Journey have noticed has started to be left out since her graduation for law school itself. A lot of Kitty’s life and stories are being left out now. From starting her blog in 2010 to graduation in 2013, we as readers and viewers experienced her law school experience right along side of her. Now after graduation and falling into a small firm position, we can see less frequent posts throughout her blog from 2013 to now 2015.

The time from graduation to attaining her job as an attorney, like I said in my previous post, we see the change from a goal-orientated narrative blog to a self-exploration blog.

Now looking at her blog as a self-exploration blog rather than a goal-orientated narrative blog, we see her exploration into the law world as an attorney rather than a courtroom rat, something she was not aiming for as her main goal of her blog in prior years. Through her self exploration the viewer and reader comes to see and feel her love and passion for the law field. We can tell that she really takes pride in the work that she does and the firm that she is apart of.

Many of her posts in 2014 were aimed at her reflection of being out of law school for the first year, pointers and tips to future law students like summer preparation before enter law school as a 1L or year one law student, and the promotion to her items she sells on etsy. She begins to use this blog for personal topics she like ‘uk maternity leave‘ where she uses a guest blogger to go over this topic but still in a ‘law’ frame of mind. After seeing her minimal posts in 2014-2015 I begin to wonder if she was straying away from her blogging experience and would slowly weed herself out of the blogging world. Then I came to realize her use for her Kitty & Keven is where all her blogging time is being projected too.

Analyzing this blog has really opened my eyes to the many different uses of blogs in todays day and age. I really thoroughly enjoyed the works, information, voice, layout, and author of this blog. Kitty did a great job at tracking her law school experience and using it to help others in the same position. While this blog may not be updated as often as it used to be, this blog can be very beneficial to any aspiring law student. I do believe when I begin my law school journey in the fall of 2016 I will periodically revisit this blog in hopes of help for numerous topics Kitty has touched throughout her years in school. Seeing the blog formulate into what it is now today has really opened my eyes to see that it is okay for your blog to potentially change direction for its use, but also keeping the readers and viewers in the loop as to why things may be changing is also a very great tip to keep in mind. Analyzing and evaluating this blog has been very beneficial not only to my Weblogs and Wikis class but beneficial as I have began to start thinking about my application process to law school that I will start next fall. Rettberg’s Chapter 5 really opened my eyes to new aspecting in the blogging world and cannot wait to see what else her book has to bring in the upcoming chapters.


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