Blogs as Narratives

The assignment is to find a narrative blog that is real with a real, live human being behind it. We are to read through the blog, see where things started, why they started, get a feel for their personality, and depict their voice within the piece. We are to relate the use of a narrative type of writing used in the blog. Using chapter 5 of Rettberg’s Blogging, we are to analyze the blog using the specifics stated within this chapter.

After searching through blogs upon blogs and trying to decipher which blogs would fit the characteristics of a narrative blog, I came across A Law Student’s Journey. With my hopes of attending law school I thought this to be a very fitting blog to analyze, and possibly be able to take some tips from. After reading through Kitty‘s blog I have come tot he conclusion that this blog was set up as a goal-orientated blog, a blog with an ultimate goal, and in this case it would be to get through law school and become an attorney. These blogs tend to be similar to novels but different in the aspect that they are read in ‘episodes’ or different posts to ultimately make a bigger story or picture if we were talking about blogs as being art. They emphasize a process rather than a short term goal as Rettberg talking about on page 117.

Kitty’s first wanted to use her blog to keep her family and friends in touch with what she was doing while she was away at law school. But from day one she has set up a goal-orientated blog of one day graduating and becoming an attorney. Not really setting her blog up for an end, she has continued to blog after her time in law school and through her process of attaining the title of attorney and the practice. Through her blog she really uses her sarcasm and corkiness to really show who she is through her writing. She blogs about everything earthing to law school from the type of teaching they use, to the number of books you acquire, and even touching on the living lifestyles of a college law student. Her blog allows readers to comment and interact with her throughout her law school journey, most comments being encouraging posts to help her through her day, week, year, school, etc. She holds nothing back and lays her experiences in law school out on the line, no sugar coating. I believe her to kind of be using this blog to explore herself, really find out what she wants out of school, and the changes she will go through during this journey to becoming an attorney.

She explains her experience in law school to be interesting, interesting to herself. But in actuality I think a lot of other readers and viewers find her experience to be very interesting as well, as she has 1227 followers of her blog. She also uses this blog to promote her other blog Kitty & Kevin. So my thoughts are that she did not expect this blog to blow up to what is has been now and has become quite useful in her journey and maybe become fun for her to share and help others through her personal experience, and like my professors tell me all the time, experience is the way to learn.

But enough for now. This is just a little about Kitty and her wonderful and informational blog. More analytical posts to come soon about A Law Student’s Journey.



  1. krissideneige · February 12, 2015

    Very cool blog example- especially because its content could actually help guide you to/through law school!

    Liked by 1 person

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