Blogs as Narratives Part 2


As I stated in my previous post, A Law Student’s Journey, is believe was started out as a goal-orientated blog, her ultimate goal at the end of her journey through law school was to become attorney. Reading further into her blog I noticed that she states in her most recent post Trial Day she never intended on being in the courtroom as an actual attorney but more as the person behind the scenes in the court room, assuring that everything goes smoothly and stays on task. So this just goes to show that this blog was not staged from the start to now, because in the beginning she wanted to work inside the court room as a behind the scenes type not as the attorney presenting and defending cases. As Rettberg states in Chapter five, ” the excitement of the  ‘to be continued’ coming in the middle of action, does not generally occur with blogs. A bloggers often does not plan out the large story arc of the blog in advance, but writes from day to day, especially if the topic of the blog is the bloggers’ own life and experiences.” Kitty’s blog is a perfect example to show that her ‘story’ was not staged out from the beginning to the end, simply showing that life can and will change. Maybe the excitement Rettberg talks about or the ‘to be continued’ coming in the middle of the action, climax possibly in this particular blog could be the turing point in Kitty’s journey joining this small firm and taking on her own case load to change her dreams and become a courtroom attorney not just a courtroom rat.


This is Kitty, the author of the blog A Law Student’s Journey.

At this point in her journey I see that her blog takes a little bit of a turn from goal-orientated narration to more of a self-exploration narration blog. She realized that a courtroom rat was not what she wanted so now it was off to time what she actually wanted to do with her J.D. degree. She states that with the firm she works at, since it is small it has a couple of its own perks for a young law student just starting out in the career of being an attorney. She is able to have her own case load, and not work under partners starting out and receiving assignment from them to do to help they lessen their caseload and amount of work needed to be done for each case. This is a great perspective for a young assuring attorney to hear about. Smaller firms=more independence starting out. Larger firms=working under/for someone starting out. She does not focus entirely on the self-exploration but more on the goal-orientated narration of after graduating law school and find a job, she is able to continue to mentor and guide young aspiring law students and current students in need of a little guidance or study tips.

Kitty’ uses her blog to guide and mentor you law students in the way that she allows her students she mentors to share their personal experiences and stories in hopes f helping and assuring other students looking to her blog of that little extra help. This really shows her passion that is behind the blog, the fact thats he went from student to attorney and ultimately student to teacher in hopes of better law students experience while attending law school. She also allows visitors to her blog to send her comments and questions they have about law school and she will post on her blog answer the various questions asked or just talk about certain aspects of law school, what it pertains, and what to do with a law degree all being explain. We can see through the blog that she really wants to see other prosper and improve their learning abilities.


We not only see that Kitty wants to see other students prosper but also uses A Law Student’s Journey to promote her friends creations, crafts, and works of art sales. She also uses this particular blog to promote her other blog Kitty & Kevin, a narrative blog about the journey she and her husband’s life together. She also promotes her photography business as well, Lady Grey Photography.

Now I am off to go and explore more about Kitty’s Blog. What an interesting and intriguing blog to learn from for an aspiring law student.



  1. emalynndahl · February 12, 2015

    You did a great job at analysing this law student’s blog as you explain how it became a type of self exploration for her. I really enjoyed reading this!

    Liked by 1 person

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