Understanding Goal-Orientated Narratives

Mind you this is for mostly my own understanding, like notes kind of.

If it helps you, great! 


Blogs are like stories but different in the sense that they are told in brief episodes/posts and each post has a beginning and end. Mostly ready on its own, Goal-orientated narratives can be defined as a group of posts read together to make a larger story. These larger stories most times are not planned out before the making on the blog itself, hence the reason most times blogs are about the blogger’s own life and experiences. Notice I said most times. Overtime since blogging has become like a profession for some, authors of these blogs do sometimes plan out the larger scale picture of what they want their blog to look like and evolve to overtime telling a particular story. These types of blogs are to explain a process and could have an ultimate goal but more times than not bloggers do not set up their blog in hopes of one day being able to end their blog. Most blogs like these lay out someones life from day to day for example.

Some of these types of blogs though can have a very clear point A to point B purpose. A good example used in Rettberg’s Blogging is a blog setting up the process of getting a girlfriend, once the girlfriend is obtained the blog would then come to an end, unless maybe they changed the theme of their blog to the whole story of the two individuals coming as one, possinly. (Great idea I thought personally!) The quote by John Hiler stating that happiness of course is “the death knell for any dating blog,” made me chuckle because it is very realistically true.


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