Week 4 Reflection

Where do I start? As the semester gets under way and classes begin to get more time consuming I am a little disappointed in myself. I wished I could have spent more time on my academic work than I did sleeping and at the doctor. I wished to have posted more personal posts to keep up with the flow of the theme of my healthy blog. I am highly disappointed in getting my assignment in late, but with an ear infection it was very hard for me to work on homework this week with the added sinus pressure and the most annoying headaches of all headaches. I don’t mean to make excuses for myself but I can say my physical health this week played a big party in my unmotivated mental drive to be able to do my work. But over all I do think I kept up decently well with my blog flow and I do believe I attacked this weeks assignment as I was intended too.

Chapter 3 was a very interesting chapter in my book. Learning about the different networks: centralized, decentralized, distributed, opened, and closed.  Without the explanation from Professor Morgan in class I would have never understood the difference between centralized, decentralized, and distributed networks. The pictures he drew I class where just like in the book but the verbal explanation while drawing the networks was key for me.

Looking deeper into social networking really opened my eyes to how sites like Facebook and Twitter have and will keep changing over time. As they say the times change and the change defined the times. As times become more media friendly and social media based, we over time have in my eyes lost a sense of privacy and have been reluctant to inform society on ways we can protect our lives and protect our society from the internet demons on our time. Seeing how these social networking sites intertwine with one another and can be used from other sites for better privacy just shows how uniformed I was before reading this chapter. This book is really starting to open my eyes to how technologies, social networking, and the internet is really used today.

Personal Posts

Healthy Eats

Little Tip for #en3177 for iPhone Users

The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Ear Infections are taking over my life!!!!

Course Work

Chapter 3: Facebook and Twitter

And of course this week’s reflection. Week 4 Reflection


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