Ear Infections are taking over my life!!!!

After battling an ear infection all week and the headaches that come along I go in search of some home remedies to help ease the pain. Never have I ever dealt with an ear infection and after this past week I would rather never deal with them again. The pain is horrific and the time it takes away from an individual creates a stressed student athlete. I am a firm believe of turing to home remedies before heading to the doctor to spend and arm and a leg. I found the warm packs to be of great help and also a remedy you will not find in the link but one my mother had me try was having someone blow smoke into your ear a couple times a day. I found this to be the best of all the remedies I tired and found. EAR INFECTIONS SUCK AND DRAIN YOU OF LIFE! UGH! So time consuming and such an unwelcome visitor.


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