Week 3 Reflection

Week 3 Positives

This whole blogging thing is really starting to grow on me quite a bit. Sometimes I wish I would have gone more with the personal blog rather than a topic themed blog because there are so many times I would jus love to write a post on events that have happened throughout my day. Kind of like using the blog as more of a diary like blogs were originally used for. But in the long run I think this topic driven blog will really help me with my mental and fitness goals for the future, really hoping I can inspire an individual or two along the way.I do believe I did better on managing time to make the personal posts. I am beginning to really open up and be able to write how and when I want to.

I do believe I have done a decent job on linking useful information into my posts for others to use, and reliable at that. Using reliable information to me is very important so that it will give me credit as a blogger.

I have gotten much better at checking my blog and RSS feed with the great feedly and wordpress apps that I have found for my phone. Checking my twitter app was no issue form the start considering I feel like twitter may be taking over social media! and my life for that matter! 😉 I have really enjoyed reading and commenting on our class mates blogs. Everyone’s tone of voice and unique side has really started to come out of the works, I believe as we all get a little more comfortable with blogging, the class, and with our classmates in general.

I am so very thankful for The Daybook and how easy it is to access what we are to be doing for class assignments. This route has made it easier so when I don’t fully write down the assignment in my agenda I can just hope right on here for a little extra guidance. I do believe that I did the first chapter assignment to my fullest potential giving myself the right amount of time to do and understand the assignment. Bootstrapping was a key term to keep in mind for me this week on the assignments. Just diving into the reading and the assignment was the best route for me and really engaging in the reading and what I was understanding.

What I Can Do Better

I do believe I could work on the amount of time I am setting aside for the assignments. I felt very rushed on the second assignment and really was unsure of what I was to be doing because I kind left it til last minute. Doing the assignments earlier in the week before the time they are due will allow me to really engage in the assignment and gain the most information from it with that extra time set aside. I know my weekend are always busy being consumed by track meets so I need to work on doing the assignments a night or two in advance so I do not feel rushed and unsure of my work.

I could jazz up my personal posts, giving them a little but more voice and attitude of my own, making it more of my own. Many individuals visiting blogs are looking for that extra attitude within the posts that they re reading, really making them want to engage in your blog.

I need to make a conscious effort to check the course statement when I am unsure of what I am to be doing within an assignment. EVERYTHING IS RIGHT THERE! Read it! I also am very glad, once again, that I printed this document off to have as a hard copy. It has come in handy a few times already.

Personal Work

Mental Health Leads to a Healthy Lifestyle


Muscle Knots: 1 Hailey: 0

The Use For Yoga

Today I Am Most Thankful for ICE!

Course Work

Bootstrapping on Chapter 2 😉 But for real tho…

What Did I Learn from Chapter 1….

Chapter 1: Kinds of Blogging

and now after this is posted… Week 3 Reflection


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