Bootstrapping on Chapter 2 ;) But for real tho….

Theme 2

As I worked my way through the chapter two, learning the evolution of print, I realized I had never actually taken the time to think about how individuals would express themselves back in the early ages. Plato made a good point when he said that written text was unresponsive, and could possibly create falsely states text that would forever stay the same when an actual person could correct their own dialogue but written text would just stay the same, giving false information. Now thinking back to the early ages of text, this really was a time where individuals were looking for a response in the news, story, lecture, etc. that they were giving. Blogging could have been a very productive medium to have back in the day. Plato states his concern that print would, “destroy the memory.” I agree and disagree with him in this statement, agree because it would potentially cause less people to memorize information when they know they can just go back to a text and find the same information whenever they would like, disagree because with printed text, one is offered as much information as they would like whenever and where every they would like. The technological advances society has mad have let us through a time of scuba readings, to mass print, radio, television, and now the internet where we now have blogs. Blogs fill that response need that much of society longs for and also allows the writer to go back and edit and rewrite there work not making the work permanent as a hard copy printed text would like it was back in the early 1400s. The writer is able to receive feedback through comments, links to other blogs or internet cites, questions, and blog recognition.

One of the more interesting interactive blog sites I have found Honest College Advice. Through this blog you can see all different topics that many college students question anywhere from admissions, alcohol, travel, to online education which is located along side the side bar. This blog is ran by a particular individual who wanted to make a living out of running a cite online, now four years later he is making a living blogging in New York City. This blog is his way of helping college students with questions and allows others to write in to his publishing crew who is always accepting new writers that would like to help out those college students of today. This blog gives information on internships which is what most college students strive for during their undergraduate degree for the extra field work experience. This cite accepts comments and really advocates for viewers to write in and help make their blog more informational for aspiring college students. We all know the millions of questions one has once the idea of college sneaks up on us when graduation arrives.

Blogs have really changed dialogue in many ways not only from verbal to cyber conversations but also in the sense that information can be published to society by the press of one post button. Over time, since blogging was introduced, topics of all kinds have been discussed. As a blogger, we all know that anyone and everyone can look at everything we post. This may or may not affect the way that you write. As stated in our last assignment I ran across a blog that was very sarcastic and opinionated. This particular blogger is in now way shape or form concerned about offending anyone who visits his site and simply states that if they don’t like what they are ready to leave. This is one way to be, but as a new blogger, I am personally concerned on the feedback/comments I will receive on my site. The lack of knowledge a blogger has on the types of individuals visiting their page, will in fact affect the way we write. I am looking for positive feedback, not negative, nor am I trying to offend anyone visiting my blog. With all different walks of life entering the internet at all times of the day and night with their own opinions, I can see why this would make bloggers change the way they write. If you are looking for positive feedback and are only receiving negative feedback, this could change a writers sense of voice and tone so they can receive the feedback that they are looking for. Even though as a blogger we have no set of written rules we must follow, this is where our true voice is able to come out, but in my case I choose to be picky on what I post and do not post.

The writers/artists of today have taken into consideration that with the wide variety of access (phones, tablets, computers, smart tavs, etc.) comes the possibility of more views. With the access we have today, it is probably one of the better inventions of being able to adjust/edit your work as you go. Like I’ve always been told, once something is on the internet it is never actually “gone” when you “delete” your work, page, or whatever you may have on the internet. So with the possibility of editing your work as you go, we are able to make sure the information we are putting out on the web is factual. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of non fact based cites out there but that is when the viewer is able to make their choice on whether or not they choose to stay with that particular information of choice or not.

The way individuals voice comes through the screen can be very different than how they present themselves in person. In a sense, using a blog, writers are hidden behind a screen. They are able to be whoever they choose to be. With the way blogging is set up, we are able to be creative and unique. What I have learned going through this process of setting up and getting a hand of blogging I have learned that most blogs are very “care free” as to what they post. Bloggers can choose to be as open and closed with who they are, and it is left up to their choice which is one of the many beauties in blogging.

I personally believe everyone should be themselves, and not worry about what the next viewer is thinking about. It’s their choice to enter your page, they can leave whenever they would like as well. 

Plato was worried about the loss of voice and knowledge, but I do not think he ever thought technology would get to where it is today. I think Plato would really like blogging, and could have used it when writing the dialogues between Socrates and students. hammy….great idea for a blog. A blog based on Plato’s dialogues.

Through the evolution of print to the technologies of today we have seen many different techniques of mass media. I think the route we are on today is the most efficient way of sharing feedback, comments, links, other pages, other websites. Snail mail is a way of our past, if you’re looking to receive comments and feedback in a timely manner. The amount of rules that were once followed for dialogue are very minimal today. We are free to express ourselves anyway we wish. Radio, television, internet, etc. has all different channel/sites, all for different purposes. We as viewers are able to pick and chose what we want to hear/listen/see, another beauty of today.

With twitter, Facebook, aim, flicker, instagram, etc. we are able to reach one another faster than every. Communication between individuals has moved away from face to face interaction to behind a screen. Social media may be some what taking over society, but it is up to us how far we want to let this go. Times are forever changing, we can either chose to change with them or stay the same. If we want to keep up with times though we just choose to change with them. We as individuals of society can paint a picture of how things should be and work towards that or chose to let life run us. It’s up to us where social media takes us.



  1. andreacnadeau · February 1, 2015

    Your title is the best, I loved it! I did this assignment differently, but the way you did it is great! I wish I had gotten deeper into it besides comparing them as much.

    Liked by 1 person

    • haileyhorob · February 1, 2015

      I realize now if I would have looked back t the course statement a little closer I would have had a better explanation of what I was to be doing but of course its all a learning process! like we have a experienced over the last few weeks!


      • andreacnadeau · February 1, 2015

        I definitely feel the same! Its hard to understand what exactly to do sometimes too. Bootstrapping every day this semester probably haha

        Liked by 1 person

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  3. KelseySuttonBSU · February 2, 2015

    Plato was certainly against public speaking, too! I never realized he was so adamant about communication. That was one aspect of Rettburg’s chapters that I really enjoyed: the history. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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