What Did I Learn From Chapter 1….


Through this exercise I have learned that there are three different types of blogs. Personal, filter, and topic-driven blogs. These different types of blogs can all take on different topics or the same topics, it all just depends on what the bloggers is aiming to use the blog for. Some blogs are written by individuals and are very subjective and diary style, while others are written by groups of individuals and have more of a journalistic style. Some pages will be very opinionated and others will be very neutral. I found that the personal and topic-driven blogs to be more personable, easy going, and relax. I felt that the filter blogs took on more of a professional sense of writing and brought a lot more seriousness to their blog pages than the other to types did. Some consider these types to be genres. Genres can be defined by their form or their content.

But most definitions of blogs rely primarily on the formal qualities of the blogs. But a very solid definition for blog is a discussion of informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entered typically displayed in reverse chronological order.

In the book we read about bloggers liking to read and link to other blogs that are similar to their own and how this makes it easy to create a skewed view of what the ‘typical’ blogger might be like. The books brings up the discussion of the lack of women bloggers, which I found to be interesting due tot he fact that most of my blogs that I did look at and use for this assignment were women, so I did prove the idea that bloggers like to stay amongst their own when looking at other blog pages.

Through this exercise I have found other blogs I would like to follow and keep up with, which I will be adding to my RSS feed, since I am becoming better and using that source of information. I have also got to see many different writing styles, layout themes, and topics, showing me that the world of blogging is never ending and can touch on just about anything that you can think about. Over all this assignment was a little more work than I anticipated, but I thoroughly enjoyed the task of looking at different blogs which only made me move on to other, and even further.

NEVER. Let me repeat myself. NEVER did I ever think I would say I liked blogging. This whole blogging thing is really starting to grow on me.


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