Bootcamp to Weblogs and Wikis

Where do I even start?….Week one I screwed up on our class time thinking we met on Thursdays not Tuesdays, making a prime example to me as why NOT to miss this class….EVER. I have found that what we go over in class can really help out a lot in answering all those questions that arise throughout the week when we are not meeting. After reading the extensive syllabus, I realized how much work and time this class requires. Printing off the syllabus to have a hard copy was one of the smarter choices I made after reading this is the syllabus. But all in all if one is good with time management this class should not be a burden on the time needed for the rest of your classes. BOOTCAMP. Bootcamp was very challenging. With this all being new to me: blogging, RSS, CC, IP, I realize the amount of information I will learn in the class and be able to take with me as I head to law school in hopes of getting a joint law degree with sports management, in hopes of one day becoming a general counsel for a professional sports team, where many issues today do come out of social cites likes these including twitter and more. Setting up my Blog was quite interesting and time consuming, I’m still working on tweaking a couple of minor details, but hopes to get better help from those in class with a few of these questions. Making posts was the easy part. Figuring out tags, links, and categories was easy but tricky to start with. I have found that categorizing all my work I have and will be posting in the future into Personal Work or Course Work has made the categorizing part the easiest way to find if I had done my course work for the week.

The exercise we did with Creative Commons and Intellectual Property I felt was very fitting to go over in these first two weeks. To be honest I had no idea that anything like these licenses existed for our own protection of our creative work. The RSS feed is going to be something I really need to get used to checking but I do find to be very useful in keeping up with our classmates blogs, and The Daybook updates. I will need to make better habits on posting and commenting on others posts. I think this will come easier once we are out of Bootcamp and able to breathe. 😉

Overall I believe these two weeks of Bootcamp to be very challenging but great in the sense as it has really mentally prepared me for the amount of time I will need to spend on this class and in showing us the responsibility we will have in checking in on our blogs and RSS feeds.


One comment

  1. Gabrielle Congrave · January 27, 2015

    great post! and yes, i can totally relate! good call on hard copies of syllabus type stuff.


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