What is Creative Commons? Lemme tell you…

Well if you’re reading this I’m assuming you don’t know what Creative Commons is, just like me before the introduction I got through class. They are a non profit organization that allows others to share and use knowledge through FREE legal tools. YES, I is said FREE! They allow you to use what they call “some rights reserved” copyright licenses, to allow the public to share or use your creative work, like work created through our blogs, based on what I, myself as the blogger chooses to allow others to use. Basically allowing you to modify your copyright terms to fit your needs. CC is also not only used to protect your creative work but also the others using your work helping them avoid copyright infringement, if they abide why your conditions. CC allows viewers to legally use many different creative works such as songs, videos, scientific, and academic material for free, under the term specified. Creative Commons and Intellectual Property go hand in hand. IP refers to creations of the mind, which basically translates to anything creating literary work, art work, musical composition, or media composition created by an individual. Intellectual Property is protected by the law though the use of agents, copyright, and trademarks. With the use of a CC license like Attribution, which is the license I would consider, one can protect their original work but allow the use of their work to others as long as they credit your original creation/form or work. I made this choice based on what I will be using my blog for, to inform and inspire the individuals reading my blog. Along with my course work of course. But in the license of Attribution offered by Creative Commons, it says it is “recommended for maximum dissemination”, which is what I’m trying to do. Spread my information on my blog to those interested and circulate the inspiration through my blog readers.

“Creative Commons.” Creative Commons. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Jan. 2015.

The Creative Commons site defines their purpose, what they do, and how to do so. It clarifies the importance of licensing your creative work so you can be given credit if it is later used. Their purpose is to make sure one will receive credit for their work and not have their work in a sense “stolen.” Their step by step process of licensing your work is very easy to follow and makes for a great experience on the site itself. One can enter this site within information on CC and gain all the knowledge they need to license their work to receive credit in the future when one wants to use their work. With CC no one has to worry about having their creative works stolen but can guarantee to be credited for their creation.

“World Intellectual Property Organization.” What Is Intellectual Property? N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Jan. 2015.

The Intellectual Property site defines IP and goes on to explain the importance of rights one has for their creative and intellectual work. It explains your rights and helps you to understand copyright and related rights. Without copyright rights, authors, producers, arises, etc. could risk losing their creation due to others stealing their ideas. This site informs the uniformed on ones rights to their our creative works. Intellectual Property can ultimately lead one to Creative Commons on their quest for saving one’s creation and giving them the opportunity to be credited in the future without having to worry about stolen property.




  1. emalynndahl · January 26, 2015

    You did a great job of explaining both CC and IP! I appreciate your work into looking at the different licenses and choosing the “Attribution” license. I think I may also go with this CC license. I also really liked the picture you posted. đŸ™‚

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  3. KelseySuttonBSU · January 25, 2015

    I like how you stressed that Creative Commons is a free service; I keep forgetting that. It seems like everything costs something nowadays, and I keep thinking that I’d love to use CC but I’m broke as a joke. Then I remember that there isn’t someone trying to gain profit from me protecting my work. So CC does seem like the way to go!

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