The one behind the inspiration!

I am from Boomtown, ND aka Williston, North Dakota. Born and raised a small town girl I moved to Bemidji, MN to attend Bemidji State University to further my education studying Political Science and Law to one day enroll in law school. From the time I could walk I was always doing something active from running, swimming, pole-vaulting, playing basketball, softball, anything I could join I did. This is what brought me to Bemidji. I Pole Vault on the Women’s Track and Field Team. From the time I was a tyke to now in my college days of track I have been working towards living a healthy lifestyle. Now one might be talking about physically being healthy and fit but I am also talking about being mentally healthy as well. Through healthy living, the positivity for the future projects through your everyday adventures. Through my blog I hope to reach out to those trying to better their path of life through living a healthy lifestyle. Those who could use a little extra encouragement and knowledge to better themselves. By sharing my healthy living lifestyle routines and inspiration I hope to inspire others to do the same.


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