March Madness: Brackets for Health?

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march_madness_smIn case you live under a rock, here’s a friendly heads up that it’s “game on” for hoops fans. Yep, better start filling in your bracket and coughing up a buck or two for the office pool.

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Weekly Reflection

This week in my weblogs and wikis class we worked on setting up our own wiki page, linking to us, and making it a space to make our assignments and contributions to the wiki noticeable. At the beginning of this week I was a little uneasy about the assignment and what was to be expected of me but as I started the assignment, dipping my toes in and continuing to jump right in, creating and editing different wiki pages. I can kinda say I enjoyed this week a bit. This week I was able to create 4 new wiki pages: CollaborativeWriting, CollectiveWriting, CreatingSharedKnowledge, and IntellectualProperty along with contributing to 2 already existing wiki pages: WikisAndTraditionalComposing and IncorporatingTheIdeasOfOthers. As I created and added to these wiki pages I worked to incorporate some of these wikis within others, working to build each page on a credited base. Researching these topics showed me that there is a whole other world of writing out there today, online through wikis. I can easily see why and how wikis are used to teach all educational levels of today through a group led, hands on learning experience. This was a great way to teach what wikis are actually all about, pages built on an author’s work that allows contributors to come through and edit, and build on the ideas already on the page. I came to the conclusion that I am not the type to use my own voice within these pages but rather define and set up a nice structure to the page, leaving the voice of tangents to other contributors. All together I am liking the wikis part of our class.


The Tina Times

5 Ways to Use Gratitude to Improve Your Attitude (and Health!) originally appeared on Fulfillment Daily, a publication dedicated to science-based tips and tricks for a happier, more fulfilling life. The Tina Times is honored to be featured on this inspiring site–check it out for more contemporary research on positive living.

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The Challenge: Sometimes we get stuck focusing on what’s wrong or what we’re missing, overlooking all that we do have that makes life great.
The Science: Feelings of gratitude increase physical and mental well-being.
The Solution: Boost your happiness and health by using these strategies to experience more gratitude in your daily life!

In our fast-paced, competitive culture, we tend to notice and worry about what’s lacking in our lives. Because of our drive to succeed, we focus on what stands in our way. We tune in to the things we don’t have—material items, body…

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7 Reasons Why Alone Time is Amazing

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1. You get to pick what you want to watch on Netflix.

It is the time to be selfish and watch the entire season of House of Cards that you have been putting off. Nothing is better then crawling into a warm bed and spending some quality time with Kevin Spacey.

2. You can reflect on your life in peace.

Whether or not your life is going in the direction that you want, alone time gives you the chance to check in with yourself. When you live a hectic life you can lose your sense of self. Alone time gives you the chance to make sure you are doing OK and are on the path that you want to be on.

3. You don’t have to impress anyone.

Don’t shower; don’t do your hair or makeup. You don’t need to impress yourself because you already know how…

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Notes on Wikis

For class we were to watch the videos Wikis by Common Craft. Through this video for beginners, I was able to realize wikis can be used to coordinate a group of peoples information. Wikis are made so anyone can change the webpage by just a simple click of a button, so beware anyone can change or alter anything on wikis. Editing is simply done by clicking one of the two buttons used to create a wiki. By clicking the edit button this creates a webpage ready for editing like adding, deleting, or changing how words are placed on the page. By clicking save the work you have done within the page will be saved and the wiki will be updated. For more information on Wiki’s visit the Wiki page made by wikipedia.

-Wikis are NOT blogs

-No author or owner for a wiki

Thread Mode = discussion   Document Mode = exposition

-In a sense wiki’s are always being revised.

Steps to creating/editing wikis, wikipedia the world’s biggest collaborative encycolpedia:

1. Edit

2. Write

3. Link

4. Save

Notes is a very useful page for an individual looking to be informed on wikis, and the networking side of them, and who the authors of them are. What I found to be most helpful from the analysis of this page was finding the formatting rules for wikis.

-Part of the collective wiki (Wiki Wiki Web)

Author has his page linked to this collaboration

-The amount of links within the text is overwhelming and makes the reading hard to read. (The links do however create an was way to navigate around the page, learning the basics of wikis.)

-Navigation around the page is mad easy by the use of the FindPage link.

-Writing is done in third person. (document mode)

-Document mode teaches knowledge isn’t static but is collective and changes.

-Edits to this page seem to be dificult.

MeatballWiki is a little more appealing to the eye with less links and better organization through the use of headings.

-States their Mission for the page and its purpose right off the bat.

-This is used to help others but get their help in return.

-Editing options are wider than with the addition of a discussion area to this page.

-Thread Mode Wiki (conversation is held thorough community members of the page)

Through analyzing and meatballwiki, I can see how both sites can and will be useful for information seekers int he wiki area. really is the best option for those looking to collaborate work with multiple people but not on a discussion level whereas meatballwiki can be used to collaborate material but on a conversational basis. Both websites could use a little bit better organization like the use of headings, asterisk, lists, and bars. Both sites can be edited and updated, show recent changes/updates, but only members are able to contribute to these cites.

After receiving the background information wikis, I now finally understand why teachers continue to tell us to be cautious on what information we use form wikipedia cites. Like I previously stated, ANYONE, can edit/revise a wikipedia cite, making information factional or fictional, until someone else comes along and decides to contribute the the collaboration that wiki’s have created.

How to get motivated!


One of the most influential people of my times is the ultimate example of what motivation it. Michael Jordan’s journey shows struggle but in the end shows triumph. He persevered through the rough times to celebrate the progress and success he achieved throughout his career of hard work and determination.  Looking at Michael Jordan’s journey can be a very motivational piece for those of us that need a little inspiration on those rough days.

tumblr_nj89af33dR1qeu3xuo1_5001. Choose your friends wisely

– research shows that over time one develops health habits and even career aspirations of those around you

-surrounding yourself with people with high goals will give you the same sense of seriousness

balance your influences


2. Make a to-do list

-be realistic

-lists can be very helpful if you use them as a tool (not as a way to get yourself down about everything you have to do)

-use them as an attack plan

-knowing what to do and when can lessen the anxious feeling of the list of things to be done

get organized 

3. Work less sleep more

insufficient sleep takes a substantial toll on performance

-sleeping to little (less than 6 hours) creates task burnoutc66476364bcf213255f1f79f5bf074f4

-once a week receive 9-10 hours of sleep a night

-rest of the week receive 7-8 hours of sleep a night

4. Take naps

-naps focus your attention better than a cup of coffee

-20 minute naps rejuvenate the body (like charging a phone)

naps promote productivity, relaxation, and smarts

ec79150228438ad922b36482900700fa5. Make progress and celebrate

-rewarding yourself works

-use rewards to motivate yourself

little progress is better than no progress